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CoCourts.com is Colorado’s most comprehensive source for court records, and was created as an initiative of the Colorado Judicial Branch to help citizens make better choices.

CoCourts.com provides a simpler, more affordable way to retrieve information without making a trip to the courthouse. We’re among the first online, statewide, real-time court record sites in the United States – with access to view the Register of Action on Colorado court records, including Denver County as an optional add-on. Disclaimer

The names in this index are not a positive identification for your search. In the absence of other demographic information, the name you are viewing may or may not be the person you are searching for.

The information on this index may contain only five years of criminal history depending on the jurisdiction. Criminal cases on this index may represent arrest filing only, and may not have been prosecuted by the District Attorney.

To get detailed information, you must directly contact the court in which the case is filed.
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